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At Drinksaver, we’re committed to creating innovative, well-designed drinking glasses that promote independence and dignity by combining aesthetics and practicality, aiming to create a spill-proof, user-friendly drinking glass.

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Introducing Drinksaver.

Drinksaver has developed a drinking glass and a new innovative lid designed to reduce spillage of beverages caused by unpredictable movement.  

Drink directly from the rim of the glass as if the lid wasn’t there. An open solution that secures your beverages but doesn’t remove the aroma. Drink without having to bend your neck to ensure the correct drinking posture. Handle and transport your beverages with confidence without compromising the drinking experience.

Drinksaver has created a drinking glass and lid
with every necessary function that benefits all.


Some of the most frequent questions and answers

The lid is attached by its two snap-fits. 

Therefore, removing the lid by pulling on both ends is difficult because this will only tighten the snap-fit and make removing it more difficult. 

To properly remove the lid, tilt one snap-fit up at a time. The lid can be removed with ease by lifting up one end and then just pulling the lid off. 

Another simple way to remove the lid is by pulling it straight up from inside the middle opening in the lid.

Before use, wash the product in a dishwasher or by hand.

The lid may be difficult to click on and place in the glass before wash. After being washed and used several times, the lid becomes easier to attach and remove. 

The products can be washed more than 2,000 times. We recommend that you wash your products by hand because it does not strain them in the same way and last longer.

When using a dishwasher, we recommend 40-65 °C, depending on need. Ordinary washing of products should be carried out at as low a temperature as possible.

When using industrial dishwashers, we recommend max. 90 °C for a short period.

The beverage will pour as usual with or without the lid placed in the glass. The lid will not prevent spillage when the drinking glass is tilted over. 

The user can drink from the glass as if the lid was not in place. 

Polycarbonate is better for handling hot beverages than other materials due to its high heat resistance. The surface of the glass will have a pleasant temperature to hold. 

But please still be cautious when handling Hot beverages and be careful if removing the lid while the glass is full, as it may cause the hot beverage to splash.

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