About Drinksaver

We at Drinksaver are dedicated to designing and developing innovative products that  enhance the well-being of our users. Our goal is to create functional and well-designed solutions that look not only great but also offer maximum independence in everyday life. 

At Drinksaver, we take great pride in our drinking glasses, which are the result of collaboration between design engineers and occupational therapists. Our goal is to create a product that would not only allow for easy consumption of beverages but also prevent accidental spillage while just being an ordinary drinking glass.

About the lid

We are proud to introduce our innovative, discreet, non-visible, non-enclosed and spill-proof lid. 

The perfect solution for those who want to reduce spillage without compromising on the aesthetics of their drinking glass and maintaining the same drinking experience. 

Enjoy the aroma and appearance of your beverage with our open-lid design and drink directly from the rim of the glass. The lid does not come into contact with your mouth or nose, ensuring that you can enjoy your drink the same way as always. 

Trust us to provide you with a product that will enhance your drinking experience in every way possible.

About the glass

At Drinksaver, we understand the importance of proper drinking posture and have designed our drinking glasses to match the functional needs of our users and ensure correct swallowing. 

The glass is specially designed to avoid the need to bend your head while drinking. We have carefully considered the diameter and angle of the glass to ensure that the correct drinking posture is maintained. We want every person to be able to drink with comfort and confidence.

Spill less while moving more

The innovative design of the lid makes it possible to prevent spillage discreetly as the lid is placed inside the glass. At the same time, it is possible to drink from the glass normally, and due to of center hole in the lid, all the aroma from you beverages is preserved. 

Drink as it was lid-less

When drinking from the glass, either lips or nose will come into contact with the lid. The glass design ensures that all the liquid can be consumed without bending the neck, providing the correct way to consume beverages.

Reduce the risk

If the glass is tilted over, the lid will reduce the amount of liquid spilt.

No worries, it is shatterproof

The glass and the lid are made of high-quality unbreakable plastic, which looks like ordinary glass. Allowing the user to drop the glass on a stone floor without worry.

Use it for hot beverages

The material can withstand temperatures up to 100°C, allowing users to drink hot beverages without worrying about getting burned through the glass or because of spillage. Additionally, the products can withstand the use of industrial washing machines.

A straw holder

The lid is designed with a straw holder to reduce the struggle to control the straw.

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