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Splash-proof glass aims to give everyone a normal drinking experience
Splash-proof glass aims to give everyone a normal drinking experienceDTU News
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Two DTU students have designed a splash-proof glass that is easy to drink from and that can be used by everyone—regardless of disability.
Mød den skvulpefrie glas - er tudekoppen færdig
Mød den skvulpefrie glas - er tudekoppen færdigMagasinet Pleje - Sørenovergaard Nielsen
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I 5000 år har den teknologiske udvikling i tudekop-branchen stået stille. Men et dansk designgennembrud betyder, at den klassiske tudekop nu skal konkurrere med det skvulpefrie glas.
DTU Startup Drinksaver awarded Bevica Seed Grant
DTU Startup Drinksaver awarded Bevica Seed GrantDTU Skylab
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The DTU startup Drinksaver has been awarded DKK 87.000 from The Bevica Foundation in September 2022 through the DTU Skylab Funding program for their innovative solution
Final PROJECT PLASTIC 2018 candidate: DrinkSaver
Final PROJECT PLASTIC 2018 candidate: DrinkSaverPlastic Engineering Denmark
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DrinkSaveren er et produkt, som skaber en større bevægelsesfrihed og fjerner bekymringen om det uheldige spild.

The solution to any active event

At Drinksaver we have revolutionizing the way we drink at festivals and concerts. We have completely redesigned the traditional lid, creating a discreet, non-visible, spill-proof add-on to existing festival cups. This innovative design minimizes spillage while maintaining the same drinking experience.

The lid by Drinksaver is unique because it only is half enclosed, allowing the aroma and appearance of the beverage to be fully appreciated. This means that you can still fully enjoy the taste, smell, and appearance of your drink, while also ensuring that it stays securely in your cup. 

Drink as if it is lid-less, but with spill-proof security

In addition to its practical benefits, the Drinksaver lid is also environmentally friendly. It is reusable, meaning that it can be used again and again, reducing waste and helping to protect the planet.

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